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Memory lyrics


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        Midnight, Not a sound from the pavement
    Has the moon lost her memory?
    She is smiling alone
    In the lamplight
    The withered leaves collect at my feet
    And the wind begins to moan

    Memory, All alone in the moonlight
    I can smile at the old days
    I was beautiful then
    I remember
    The time I knew what happiness was
    Let the memory live again

    Every street lamp
    Seems to beat
    A fatalistic warning
    Someone mutters
    And a street lamp gutters
    And soon it will be morning

    Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise
    I must think of a new life
    And I mustn't give in
    When the dawn comes
    Tonight will be a memory too
    And a new life will begin

    Burnt out ends of smokey days
    The stale cold smell of morning
    The street lamp dies
    Another night is over
    Another day is dawning

    Touch me, It's so easy to leave me
    All alone with my memory
    Of my days in the sun
    If you touch me
    You'll understand what happiness is
    Look a new day has begun.
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